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Maria Clara Macrì was born in Reggio Emilia in 1987. During her adolescence she began to take an interest in political and social issues with particular attention to gender issues. She lived in  Bologna after high school where she graduated in Contemporary World Histroy in 2010 and continues her  personal research on the historical and visual representation of the female gender and its associated limits. Meanwhile she devoted herself to writing and publishing short stories under a pseudonym. She moved to London in 2012 and here she approaches photography for the first time. After her stay in London and a brief period of nomadism, she settled in Naples from 2015 until 2017. During the neapolitan period Maria Clara began to select her female subjects in the street and to experiment with them the relationship between empathy, intimacy and female representation through  photography, portraying them in the place used as  studio of her apartment, a project that in 2016 was exhibited during the festival Off of Fotografia Europea and which was part of a group exhibition at Magazzini Fotografici Napoli. During this period, she worked as a photographer and collaborated in the production of events related to photography, and also produced a series of installations / events "K'nowyourself - performance-installation-photography-art" during which he investigated the concept of sharing the creative moment, (Tela Bianca Naples, Casa Cuma, Arti vive Festival Modena, Eleva and Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia). In 2017 she moved back to Reggio Emilia, where through the echo she received thanks to Instagram, different women, strangers and not,  began to come and find her spontaneously, to be photographed and thus be part of her visual research project on women. In 2018 Maria Clara decides to expand the project by including research on the environments where contemporary women live their intimacy and personal freedom, their rooms. She began to travel in the cities from New York to Los Angeles, from London to Paris, Milan, to be able to meet women from other cultures and other countries and cross her lonely path, and therefore her destiny, with them. This research will be part of her  next publication she is currently working on. An extract of this  project was published on Edicola in November 2018.

2019 Nominated at Foam Paul Huf Award  2019 . Nominated in the list of the 20 photographers  to follow in 2020 i-D Global. Published in New Queer Photography Book 2020 by Verlag Kettler publishing house. 

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Published also in Vice France, Vice Holland, Vice Belgium

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